How to Go From Anger to Authenticity

Anger is a natural human experience that serves a vital purpose in your life. The problem with anger is that it can escalate and turn destructive. Anger can lead to problems at work, damage your relationships, and impact the quality of your life. 

Anger can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful force within you. We can help you understand your anger and teach you how to use it in a more productive way, as opposed to allowing your anger to use you. 

What Is Problematic Anger?

Anger is often a misunderstood problem. Individuals who struggle with anger have typically experienced harsh or difficult environments at a young age that set the stage for using anger in a destructive manner. 

The expression of problematic anger or rage is a signal that the individual is suffering from underlying wounds that have not been acknowledged or healed. Without addressing the root cause for anger, you will continue to experience the adverse affects of anger and suffer from the consequences.

The key to anger management is to become a student of your anger
and learn what your anger is trying to teach you about yourself.
— D. Gregg Mohr, LMHC, CDP

How We Treat Problematic Anger

Our approach is unique in that we do not teach you to control your anger.  We also do not teach you to "not get angry" as that is an unrealistic expectation. We approach anger as a tool to help us learn more about ourselves. 

Excessive anger often stems from painful events in our past that are unresolved or insecurities we are experiencing. We will help you work though these issues and become more self-accepting and authentic in your daily life.

Learn to use your anger to become more self-aware and:

  • Gain insight into personal conflict
  • Develop effective boundaries
  • Create supportive relationships
  • Communicate self-respect and take accountability

Anger Management Class

For individuals looking to complete either an 8 or 16 hour anger management course, we offer these services on a regular basis.

Please give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.