Anxiety is a common response to stress.  At times, we all worry about different aspects of our lives such as work, finances, or family.  Anxiety becomes unhealthy when it is out of control and disrupting our ability to enjoy life.  Our fears and anxious thoughts can leave us paralyzed in our ability to make decisions and can cause uncomfortable physical symptoms of tension or panic.

Worry is a part of anxiety that makes managing stress more difficult.  Typically, worry involves looking into the future and forecasting negative events.  It is natural to experience worry when facing something new in one's life.  Worry can also be a natural reminder to take care of things.  However, when we are not able to stop worrying we tend to predict worse case scenarios which can interfere with our mood, appetite, and ability to sleep and concentrate.

We can help you gain control over the worry and use it to benefit your life as opposed to wearing you down.

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