Are Children Affected By a Parent's Sex Addiction?

If We Don't Tell, Can It Still Affect Our Child?

Deciding whether to disclose an addiction to a child is a challenging decision.  The truth is that children of all ages are perceptive. When sex addiction or pornography addiction is present in the family it's common for parents to believe that they have kept it hidden from their children.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the caseAlthough the addiction may not be openly discussed, children pick up on their parents behavior changes, sadness and stress, and tension. 

Has My Child Been Emotionally Harmed?

Children react to addiction within their family in a myriad of ways.  They may exhibit behavioral problems or outbursts of anger.  They may also withdraw or seem anxious.  Some children put on their best face and possibly attempt to care take of one or both parents. 

These and other potential responses are possible indicators that the addiction is impacting the child's well-being.

Should I Get Help For My Child?

If left unaddressed, a child's underlying emotional struggles can get worse.  All children have strengths that can be built upon and used as a resilient buffer against family stress.  We can help your child harness their strengths and use them to their benefit.

Will I Be Involved In My Child's Care?

Yes. We take into account the well-being of each family member in all that we do. If you believe your child may be struggling reaching out may be an important next step.