Child Therapy

Finding the right therapist to help your child and family during times of need is an important task.  We are dedicated to helping children and their families navigate through difficult life problems so they can experience full and joyous lives. 

When Should My Child Seek Therapy?

  • During transitional times (separation, divorce, troubled sibling, move)
  • If sex addiction is present within the family
  • If your child is “ruling” the house with his or her behaviors
  • If your child is struggling socially or academically
  • If your child is withdrawn and not behaving like his or her typical self
  • After witnessing trauma such as intense fighting or domestic violence
  • Irritability, anger and moodiness can be good indicators something is wrong

It is important that therapy be a space for children to open up, share, and experience emotional growth.  We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for your child from the moment they enter the room. 

Can I Be Involved In My Child's Therapy?

Parents are provided individual support sessions for psychoeducation and strategies for helping their child at home.  Depending on your child's age, we encourage parent and child involvement for behavior management, or sessions with the parent as needed. 

Family therapy is offered as needed and as therapeutically appropriate.

When Should I Bring My Child In For Therapy?

If you are concerned about your child, it never hurts to talk with a qualified professional who can offer helpful guidance.  We will inform you if we believe therapy is appropriate or let you know if your child does not necessarily need to come in. 

Please call and ask for one of our child therapy specialists to learn more about our services.