Depression Treatment

Photo by KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock / Getty Images

Has Depression Taken Over Your Life?

Depression robs us of the joy and rewards that make life exciting.  Many who struggle with depression report feeling as though they have crawled into a cave that is void of the light or warmth that the outside world has to offer.  Worse, efforts to leave the cave to reengage life often feel unsuccessful and motivation can be difficult to find.

Many people live with depression every day without knowing that that their symptoms are part of a depressive disorder. Depression can manifest itself as fatigue, bodily pain, gastrointestinal problems, sleep difficulties, loss of interest, sluggish thought processes, or irritability.

For those who are willing to engage with therapy, a rich life can be found.  By understanding how depression works and developing the necessary tools to keep it at bay, people can find a sense of joy and optimism that they never thought possible.