Elizabeth Breen, MA, NCC, LMHC


I help individuals and couples who are struggling with aspects of their sexuality, relationship difficulties, and problematic sexual behaviors. I can help you work through the challenges and change the conversation in an effective way that brings you and your partner closer together, instead of further apart.  If you feel sexually stuck, confused or hurt in your relationship, you don't have to keep suffering.   Facing relational hardships can sometimes feel insurmountable. I can help you take steps forward to make sense of what’s happening, and create a path that allows you to feel greater joy and connection.  

I have received advanced training in human sexual functioning and wellness, as well as the treatment of problematic sexual behaviors.  When working through behaviors that have resulted in relational pain or confusion, I incorporate the holistic and individualized approach of Sexual Congruence Therapy to help individuals and couples move towards a state of greater connection that exceeds their expectations.  By working to better understand the true nature of an individual’s sexual struggles, we can create an effective strategy to avert future struggles and create a life that is more fulfilling than previously believed possible.  The behavior is a symptom.  Understanding function of the behavior is the key to a better tomorrow.

As an attachment-based therapist with a systems approach, I appreciate how one person’s struggles can impact a relationship and the family dynamics.  My experience with family healing allows me to also work with children and adolescents who have been impacted by painful life events and are struggling to succeed in areas of their lives.  I help families rebuild healthy relationships and shift their communication towards connection and intimacy.

Couples Therapy

What we want most from our partner can sometimes be the hardest thing for them to give. I help couples explore their conflict in new ways that allows for understanding and intimacy at a deeper level. Couple’s will learn to communicate their emotional needs in a new, vulnerable and connecting way. I will show you how to replace remarks of criticism with expressions of desire and how to shift from avoidance to empathic engagement

About Me

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC).  I have extensive training in attachment theory, and problematic sexual behaviors.  I believe that healthy, thriving, intimate relationships are a critical key to joyful living.  My therapeutic experience includes working with individuals and families with addiction, trauma, and relationship discord.  In addition, I have valuable experience working with sexual assault survivors.  I also enjoy working with children and teens who have been affected by their parent’s marital struggles and am skilled at coaching parent on how to effectively support their children. 

I am happy to speak with you to see if I am the right fit to accompany you on this path of self-discovery and healing.  Please feel free to contact me to learn more.


Master of Arts (MA)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Work