Eric Eidens, MA, LMHC, NCC, CSAT

Eric Eidens, MA, LMHC

Eric recognizes the importance of having a therapist who understands the challenges of healing from addiction and the impact on relationships. 

He provides a holistic approach to therapy that allows him to treat not only the addictive behaviors, but areas of struggle that typically coincide with addiction such as anxiety, depression, impairments in social and emotional skills, and intimacy issues.  Most individuals suffering from addiction also struggle with one or more mental health condition that can impede their recovery if left unaddressed.  Eric's unique approach takes into account underlying struggles that may be masked by addiction and helps his clients to heal the core self.

Eric incorporates his extensive knowledge of family systems and attachment-based trauma into his treatment approach.  He recognizes that sexual addiction interferes with one's ability to develop close, intimate relationships in a healthy manner. 

In his work, he emphasizes the importance of building relationships, big or small, through connection and authenticity.  He carries this same approach into his counseling, recognizing that in order for change to occur, trust and understanding need to be built between counselor and client.  Eric guides his clients towards eliminating problematic behaviors, developing healthy intimacy, and rebuilding their lives through openness and connection with others.

Couples Therapy

Eric counsels couples who are striving for deep emotional intimacy and a strong relational foundation built upon trust and understanding.  He understands the relational hurt when couples disengage from one another and feel stuck in a cyclical pattern of emptiness and disconnection.  He also helps couples begin to heal and repair their relationship following infidelity or sexual addiction.  He shows couples how to approach relationship conflict in a safe and productive manner and helps them identify positive ways to engage one another.

Anxiety & Depression Therapy

An additional part of Eric's treatment expertise involves helping adults and adolescents cope with anxiety and depression.  He provides useful strategies to reduce emotional suffering and increase his clients happiness and fulfillment.  Whether it is working with individuals or couples, Eric uses evidence based interventions that provide his clients with effective and meaningful therapy gains that last well beyond treatment.

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