Gregg Mohr, MA, LMHC, CDP


Gregg has been helping individuals cope with problematic anger, relationship issues, and substance use for over twenty years.  He helps clients mange stress that feels overwhelming and regain control of their lives.

Gregg combines solution focused and existential philosophies so as to facilitate constant movement in an individual's life between the profound and the pragmatic.  This movement constantly searches within life's experience for meaning and opportunity to become wiser, calmer, and more resilient.  Profoundly speaking, he works with clients towards becoming inspired.  Pragmatically speaking, he works with clients to apply this inspiration through hand held tools towards meaningful and measurable daily life changes. Gregg also works with couples to help them reconnect, regain intimacy, and rebuild their relationship through authenticity.

Anger Management

Gregg is passionate about helping individuals struggling with destructive anger.  He believes that learning to listen to what your anger is telling you is essential to healing past wounds and living an authentic life. He teaches effective communication skills, ways to think differently about a situation, and how to tolerate relationship conflict.  He will also help you gain deeper insight into life's problems and provide more effective ways to manage stress and anxiety.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

As a Chemical Dependency Counselor, Gregg helps individuals confront their substance abuse and addiction struggles.  He believes in working through the underlying issues that prevent healing and produce the most pain.  Gregg offers a focused approach that is supportive and effective.