Many who struggle with compulsive behaviors are aware that their symptoms are indicators of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  However, the reality is that many who suffer from OCD are not aware that their obsessive thoughts, with or without identifiable compulsive behaviors, are part of a pathological pattern that warrants clinical attention. 

OCD can take nearly infinite forms.  Hollywood suggests that OCD sufferers compulsively wash their hands, check locks, or avoid stepping on cracks.  Although many do exhibit such symptoms, many more have symptoms that are completely unrelated to these depictions of the disorder.

Treatment for OCD and related conditions is generally very effective.  Although considerable challenges to symptom relief are sometimes present, a number of well-validated treatment tools are available to provide considerable hope.  Individuals who are willing to fully engage in treatment can expect to be challenged, and to reap considerable rewards for their courage.

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