Panic attacks come on suddenly and can be incredibly frightening.  They may occur with no warning or perhaps when you are worrying about other stressful situations in your life.  Experiencing shortness of breath, tingling, or racing heart are common symptoms.  You my believe that you are losing control, possibly dying, or even going crazy.  Because panic attacks feel so threatening to your safety, you may avoid certain situations out of fear of having another panic attack.  Unfortunately, attempts to avoid panic attacks only makes matters worse and prolongs your symptoms and suffering. 

Untreated panic attacks can result in depression, increased anxiety, and interfere with living our lives to the fullest.  The good news is that panic attacks can be effectively treated in a relatively short amount of time.  We will work with you to understand the onset of your panic attacks, teach you the skills to cope, and help decrease the likelihood of panic attacks in the future. 

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