Is Pornography Use A Problem in Your Life?

Compulsive porn use can be distressing to you and your relationship. You may have noticed an escalation in your pornography use or you may feel preoccupied with searching for porn.  You may feel that you are "unable to stop" your porn use, despite the havoc it is creating in your life.

The time you spend gathering and viewing pornography can have devastating effects on your relationships, work productivity, finances, and can prevent you from having the sexual intimacy you desire. 

We will work along side you to understand your compulsive porn use and communicate sexual intimacy in an honest way.  We can help you achieve healthy sexuality filled with intimacy and connection and lead a full life.

Have You Been Hurt by Your Partner's Porn Use?

It can be confusing to try and make sense of your partner’s porn use. Often times partners report feelings of anger, confusion, poor self-image, loneliness, and emotional and sexual withdrawal. We help couples have open and honest sexual conversations about sexuality — so you don’t feel blindsided, hurt, and left out of sexual intimacy in your relationship.