We offer case consultations for other professionals and can help with:

  • Assessment
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Complex case presentations
  • Ethical dilemmas


We provide assessment services for individuals who may have underlying personality or mental health concerns that are not readily apparent through talk therapy. We will provide the assessment, interpret the results, and provide you with clinical recommendations so you can get to the bottom of difficult case presentations.


We have Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Supervisors (CSAT-S) and offer individual and group supervision for those obtaining their CSAT credential.


We love speaking to the community and sharing our knowledge on sexual health,  sex addiction, and betrayal trauma. If you would like to set up an educational talk, let us know!


We love finding talented clinicians who are passionate about working in the sexual health field. Please reach out to us if you are interested in exploring a possible career with Pacific Behavioral Healthcare!