Sex Addiction & Sexual Compulsivity Intensive Outpatient Program

For some individuals who struggle with sex addiction/sexual compulsivity or porn addiction, standard weekly outpatient treatment may be insufficient to break problematic patterns and achieve stability.  Intensive outpatient treatment offers an elevated level of care that is more cost effective than inpatient treatment programs. Treatment is focused, highly structured, and custom tailored to your specific needs.  The goal is to help you achieve wellness at a more efficient pace that is less disruptive to your life.  Through an intensive outpatient program (IOP), you can retain a high degree of daily functioning, while also receiving a greater level of care and monitoring that is simply not possible with routine outpatient treatment.

An elevated level of outpatient care

If you have difficulty gaining control over problematic sexual behaviors, an IOP can provide a higher level of care to help you reach stability without having to go to an inpatient treatment center.  Inpatient is costly and requires extended absence from work and family.  An IOP is an alternative which allows many people to maintain employment, while staying connected with loved ones in a way that is not possible with inpatient treatment.

Rapid progress in a shorter AMOUNT of time

For individuals who want to progress more rapidly in their treatment and experience results faster, an IOP can be a great way to jump-start treatment.  Individuals will often select an IOP when they need to accommodate a demanding schedule and want to make as much progress as possible during their opportune time.  There are also individuals whose relationships and lives are in crisis and who feel a need for a greater level of support to make change happen quickly.

Heal intimate relationships

A valuable benefit of an IOP is that it can increase the opportunity to heal intimate relationships in a more timely manner by making rapid progress and focusing on factors that are complicating efforts to heal. Often times empathy can be a barrier to rebuilding trust. We can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their loved one's pain and help teach them to show up in a more authentic way.

transitioning out of inpatient treatment

An IOP can provide greater stability and a more comfortable transition out of a residential or inpatient setting.  The transition from inpatient treatment back to day to day living can be a big adjustment.  Our IOP can provide a more secure bridge to stepping down in treatment while stepping back into your life.

What does treatment look like?

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed around your specific needs and intended to help you make profound changes in a short period of time.  We thoroughly assess what your struggles are and how they are causing you pain so we can help to radically shift the momentum of your life in a positive direction. Your unique IOP program can include:

  • Thorough diagnostic clinical assessment to understand your unique situation

  • Psychometric testing of mental health struggles and personality characteristics

  • Daily individual therapy with multiple treatment specialists

  • Focused therapy for co-occurring psychiatric conditions

  • Trauma treatment for adverse life events

  • Mindfulness meditation program

  • Family intervention and therapy

  • Relationship therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Relapse prevention planning

If you'd like to learn more about how effective our Intensive Outpatient Program is, please reach out today!