Trauma & PTSD

Are you carrying the burden of past pain?

Traumatic life events rarely come with any advance warning.  Suddenly, they turn our world upside down and leave us feeling emotionally crippled.  Our lives can be forever changed by a traumatic experience. 

You may feel anxious, numb, or confused.  You may be triggered by cues in your everyday environment leaving you overly vigilant and haunted by the memories.  You may feel as though nobody is able to understand what you are going through.

There is hope for you. We offer effective trauma therapies such as EMDR, Life Span Integration Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy to help you work through the painful memories and experience relief from the emotional burdens you are carrying.

Complex Trauma & PTSD

If you have experienced intimate betrayal in the form of abuse, infidelity, or are the partner of a sex addict, you understand the devastation of broken trust.

You may question your self-worth, worry that you could have somehow prevented the betrayal, struggle to cope with your overwhelming emotions, and find it hard to trust anyone.  These reactions are normal following betrayal and are your mind and body's way of coping and 'protecting you.'  Over time however, this reflexive way of coping becomes problematic to your life and well-being.

Helping you heal from trauma takes a supportive and trusting environment and effective trauma therapy. 

We understand the struggles you are facing and will provide trauma-focused strategies to help you heal. Call today to get started.