Tyson Hall, MA, LMHC, S-PSB

Tyson is passionate about helping people experience relief from overwhelming stress.  He works with individuals struggling with addiction, anxiety and relationship difficulties. 

Tyson recognizes that everyone has a story that has shaped their life and believes that healing occurs through a deeper understanding of this narrative, especially the parts of the story that lead people to believe what is untrue.
Tyson has undergone advanced training for problematic sexual behaviors (S-PSB).  He is also skilled at Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), which helps individuals heal from traumatic experiences.  Tyson utilizes Cognitive Behavioral therapies and mindfulness, a practice Tyson regards highly and attempts to incorporate in his own life on a continual basis. 
While understanding that each individual embodies his or her own uniqueness, Tyson conceptualizes problems from an attachment based lens.  He believes that many of the core functions of addiction, anxiety, and depression often begin very early in life as a reaction to different experiences we face. 

Tyson strives to create a non-judgmental space that allows clients to come as they are.  If you would like to to work with Tyson or learn more about how he can help you, please reach out today!

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