Victoria Heckart, MA, LMHCA, Doctoral Intern & Psychometrician


Feeling out of control of your emotions and actions can be debilitating and cause strain on your relationship. I work with clients on reclaiming control of their lives by helping them develop a relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Rather than simply identifying a temporary solution to a problem, the goal is to create a healthier mindset to carry with you as you live your life and inevitably encounter challenges. I take a holistic and integrative approach to mental health, meaning that I work collaboratively with you and your partner to understand your unique needs in order to identify what strategies will be most effective and empowering. Whether you are seeking help for your relationship or individual concerns, we will find a way to move forward.

About Me

I am in the process of obtaining my doctorate in counseling psychology from Northwest University.  I have primarily worked with individuals struggling with addiction, anxiety, trauma, and depression. My recent work at Monroe Correctional Facility allowed me to help individuals coping with extreme life circumstances learn to develop skills for rebuilding their lives and making peace with overwhelming feelings keeping them stuck in shame and guilt.  My approach focuses on helping individuals stop trying to suppress and control their emotional experience. This sets the foundation for establishing skills to empower you to live the life you envision that aligns with your intrinsic values. In addition to completing training's in couple’s therapy with a focus on the role of sexual intimacy and addiction issues in relationship distress, I have provided group therapy to individuals with trauma, abuse histories, and addiction. I am truly passionate about working with individuals to uncover their inner strength and capacity for positive change.

I am happy to speak with you to see if I am right the fit to accompany you on this path of self-discovery and healing. Please feel free to contact me to learn more.