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Therapy to Recover from Infidelity

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Healing takes guidance from a knowledgeable, talented, and specialized therapist who understands the complex nature of infidelity and can walk the couple through their pain together.
Yes, Relationships Can Survive Affairs

The discovery of affairs or other infidelities is one of the most painful problems a couple can face. With your relationship in crisis, it can be hard to know what to do to move forward. This is a difficult and fragile time and requires a skilled therapist who is knowledgeable on infidelity to help you navigate the pain of betrayal and rebuild your relationship. Healing from infidelity takes guidance from a therapist who understands the complexity and depth of pain and who is able to delicately work through the many potential factors, psychological and otherwise, that precipitated the infidelity.

I Have Been Hurt By My Partner's Affair

Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful is devastating.  The traumatic impact of infidelity may leave you unsure of what to do next.  To move forward, it's essential for your pain to be understood and validated by your partner.  Having your questions answered and having transparency will help create emotional safety for you to heal. The hurt partner often craves information to help them understand why this happened and how they were deceived, this is natural following betrayal. We will help support you through the meaning making process. Your trauma symptoms (hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, intense waves of emotion) are a natural response to intimate betrayal, and can subside with trauma-specific interventions.

I Have Harmed My Relationship By Having an Affair

Hiding an affair and living a double life can cause significant distress and leave you estranged from your loved ones and your life.  If you want to work towards reconciling your relationship, you must be honest with yourself and your partner about your reasons for having the affair.  Being open, not shifting blame, and showing compassion for your partner are healthy steps towards healing.  Your voice will be heard too and is an essential part to healing and reconciling the relationship. Once your hurt partner is at a place where they can listen without being flooded by their own pain, we will help you share your interpersonal turmoil or other concerns that may have lead you down this path.

How Can We Possibly Heal Our Relationship?

When a relationship is harmed by infidelity, trust must be rebuilt. Trust is repaired through openness, transparency, honesty, consistency, and experiencing empathy. 


Couples will learn to build emotional closeness, restore trust, effectively communicate, and increase their own and each others satisfaction in the relationship. The skills couples learn will help them with potential conflicts in the future so they can feel confident and prepared to address issues as they arise. 


The benefits gained during treatment are immense and often last throughout the couple’s relationship.  Give us a call today to get started.

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