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Men's Compulsive & Problematic Sexual Behavior Group

Are you ready to figure out the underlying reasons for your compulsive or problematic sexual behavior?


Discover the PBH Difference

A critical aspect of healing from problematic or compulsive sexual behavior or porn use is working alongside others with similar struggles. Group offers a safe space to connect, gain hope, learn specific tools to get control over your compulsive and/or problematic behaviors, build your capacity for empathy, and provides an opportunity for accountability. Getting to know other men who are going through the same process can be an invaluable experience. Many clients report gaining significant benefits from group therapy that extend well beyond the group environment to their relationships with their partner, spouse, family, and friends.

Join our virtual group to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your problematic sexual behaviors and stop destructive cycles

  • Learn empirically-based tools and get the skills you need to manage problematic behaviors 

  • Develop relationship skills and emotional intimacy

  • Build capacity for empathy and connection

  • Cultivate healthy sexuality and self-identity

  • Take action steps towards a joyful and fulfilling life

  • Connect and learn to live a life within your values

Individual therapy is often not enough.

It can be difficult to truly recover from problematic and/or compulsive sexual behavior without opportunities to connect and build intimacy. Feelings of shame and low-self worth can keep you stuck in a destructive cycle, but participating in group can provide countless opportunities to address these underlying emotions and beliefs. Group provides a consistent, safe space to experience connection with others and feel seen and heard. You also receive the added benefit of having support outside of group from other members, supporting you alongside your treatment journey.


Our Men's Group is For You If:

You struggle with any type of compulsive or problematic sexual behavior that goes against your values.

  • You want to gain a better understanding of your behaviors and why they are so hard to change.

  • You want to stop destructive cycles that are harming you and your loved ones.

  • You want to heal your relationship and take responsibility for your own recovery. 

  • You want to learn how to access empathy on a deeper level and communicate with your loved ones.

  • You are struggling with painful feeling and beliefs about yourself.

  • You want to stop the anxious and obsessive thoughts.

  • You’re struggling with self-critical thoughts or thoughts of low self-worth.

  • You have painful past experiences that you distance yourself from.

  • You want support from other men with similar struggles to know that you are not alone.

  • You no longer want to avoid intimacy and want to feel more connected.


How are our groups different?

Our groups are specifically designed with your treatment needs in mind. We offer what we have found to be the perfect balance of support and connection and psycho-education for you to truly understand and integrate the material. Other groups may be limited in what they can provide in terms of scope, depth, and support. Some groups offer support only without any learning or processing while other groups are very structured and unable to allow for cohesive group processing.


Our groups are different in that we have uniquely designed them to offer empirically-based recovery and support through a therapeutic group process. We have identified the critical topics individuals need to heal from problematic sexual behavior and our groups provide the right balance of support and connection while learning and processing in a safe space. You will be guided through a deeper level of recovery while receiving the full benefits of a group therapy approach. You also get the added benefit of working with a sexual behavior expert with extensive expertise treating compulsive and problematic sexual behavior and helping individuals cultivate healthy sexuality.


Meet your group therapist

Dr. James Olsen is an expert in sexual health and specializes in treating problematic and compulsive sexual behaviors.  Over the years, he has helped countless individuals who were concerned they were struggling with sexual addiction, or other sexual behavior struggles to rebuild their lives and repair their relationships. He developed the Integrated Problematic Sexual Behavior Model (IPSB), which is an innovative approach to treating problematic and compulsive sexual behavior that incorporates all aspects of problematic behaviors and takes into account other critical factors that may be contributing to out of control behaviors that are often overlooked by other models. The IPSB Model is the most comprehensive and state of the art model available today for conceptualizing problematic sexual behaviors.


Am I ready for group therapy?

If you are ready to be a part of a life changing experience that fosters bonding, connection and gaining deeper insight into yourself and problematic behaviors, then our group is for you.  No matter what stage of healing you are in, you can learn effective strategies and tools to help your recovery.

Our groups are designed to support you where you are at in your treatment journey. Dr. Olsen’s approach is to heal the underlying struggles and provide effective strategies and tools to use, while receiving support from others. If you are experiencing distress from your sexual behaviors, you can benefit from our men's group. Join today if you are ready to get started on your recovery. 


Some individuals may not feel ready for group therapy if they are struggling with day-to-day functioning and don’t think they can actively engage in a group setting. If this is you, reach out and we can help to set you up with the support you need, perhaps individual therapy, to get you ready to fully benefit from group therapy.  


What Can I Expect from Men's Group?

  • Ongoing weekly support (120 minutes each).

  • Closed group with limited members.

  • Meet online in the convenience of your home.

  • Community and bonding with other Men with similar struggles

  • Countless opportunities for self-discovery and self-growth.

  • Support inside and outside of group sessions.

  • Learn about problematic sexual behaviors and and critical topics for healing.

  • Learn where individuals often get stuck and strategies to move forward.

  • Alleviate anxiety and depression  symptoms.

  • Manage compulsive behaviors with evidence-based treatment techniques. 

  • Develop the skills necessary for processing the pain and grief from past experiences.

  • Learn what you need to foster healthy intimacy and relationships in your life.

Ready to join? 

If you are ready to make life changes and experience the benefits of group therapy, we are here to help. Sign up now for our Men's Group.

Now Enrolling! 

Group starts Friday July 7th @ 12:00-2:00pm



Not quite feeling ready?

No problem! We understand that this is an important decision in your recovery, and we want you to join when you feel ready. Get on our waitlist and we will reach out to check in with you when we have an opening for group.

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