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Located in Bellevue, Washington
Serving all of Washington

You Deserve the Best Care Available

When your relationship is struggling, whether from infidelity, intimacy struggles, compulsive or problematic sexual behaviors, or unhealthy relationship patterns, you need more than just standard talk therapy.  You need a team dedicated to fostering change and growth.  Our clinic is advancing the standard of care by drawing on empirically – based treatment strategies for couples therapy and sex therapy that guide you throughout the recovery and repair process.


We are specialists in partner betrayal trauma, recovering from compulsive or problematic sexual behavior (or sex addiction), couples therapy for recovering from infidelity, sex therapy, and individual mental health difficulties.  We are a team of compassionate therapists committed to helping individuals and couples create meaningful life changes on a path towards growth.

Our Seattle Therapy Services

Discover the PBH Difference

Woman with betrayal trauma, wearing white dress standing on hill.
Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy
Image by Joshua Earle
Image by Garrett Sears
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Sex Therapy

Our Seattle Therapists Have Been Seen In:

Good Morning America
The Wall Street Journal
Sex Therapist Daily Caller
USA Today
Sex Therapist Guilford Press
Betrayal Trauma BuzzFeed

We understand how hard it can be to find the right therapist

Having already decided to pursue therapy, many struggle to find a therapist who understands them, who has the specialized knowledge and skills to help with their struggles, and with whom they just . . . click.  We provide ample information to help you find a member of our team who is well suited to your personal needs.  Click the link below, or call us to find out about our amazingly talented team of marriage therapists, couples counselors, sex therapists, and problematic sexual behavior experts.

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