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Sexual difficulties within a relationship can be incredibly stressful.  It is common for couples to avoid talking about sex because it can feel awkward or embarrassing at times.  The reality is that most of us don’t know how to effectively discuss our sexual concerns or desires, let alone create a rewarding solution together.  Discrepancies in sexual desire, lack of emotional connection, erotic conflicts, performance difficulties, pain, or hidden desires can all get in the way of a pleasurable, connecting, and joy filled sex life.


At our sex therapy clinic in Bellevue, we are dedicated to helping couples overcome various sexual issues and achieve the fulfilling sex life they desire. Our approach to sex therapy involves working closely with our clients to understand the specific barriers that may be hindering their sexual satisfaction. Through gentle guidance and effective strategies, we empower couples to engage in honest sexual communication and foster deeper sexual bonding.


Our aim is to create a space where couples can experience a profound sense of connection, open and intimate communication, and engage in healthy exploration of their own desires. We believe that by addressing common sexual concerns, couples can overcome challenges and create a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship.

Our Approach to Sex Therapy

The unique approach of our sex therapists is centered around helping our clients better understand the barriers getting in the way of the sex life they truly want. We gently guide them towards honest sexual communication and teach them strategies to achieve better sexual bonding. We want everyone we work with to feel deeply connected in their relationship, have open and intimate communication, and experience healthy mutual and self-exploration in their sex lives.


As experts in the field of human sexuality and relationships, we come together as a team to advance each other’s clinical work and professional growth. Navigating the complexity of being mental health professionals and sex therapists in our world, our values reflect who we are as individuals and as a team. Inclusivity is paramount to us, and we celebrate diversity, ensuring that our work considers the needs of those we serve.


Our commitment extends beyond the individual to influence systemic change in the field of sex therapy. We actively engage in providing continuing education trainings to therapists on an international level through The Olsen Institute, supervising clinical psychology doctoral students, and mentoring therapists seeking sex therapy certification. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we aim to elevate the field of mental health and contribute to the growth of other sex therapists.


We firmly believe that passion, pleasure, eroticism, and intimacy can be sources of self-awareness and growth for individuals and relationships. Through our unique approach to sex therapy, we help our clients develop a deep understanding of themselves and their desires, empowering them to experience the fulfilling sex lives they deserve. Our focus is on fostering deep connections, promoting open and intimate communication, and facilitating healthy exploration of both mutual and self-discovery in the realm of sexuality.


Our sex therapists combine their extensive training, holistic orientation, and commitment to inclusivity to provide a unique approach that addresses the barriers to a fulfilling sex life. By guiding clients towards honest communication and teaching strategies for sexual connection, we aim to create deep bonds, open communication, and healthy exploration. Through our collective efforts, we not only support individual growth but also contribute to systemic change in the field of mental health.

Discover the PBH difference with sex therapy today and embark on a journey towards a healthier and more satisfying sexual relationship.

Common Issues

At our sex therapy clinic in Bellevue, we are dedicated to helping individuals and couples create the fulfilling sex life they desire. Through our comprehensive range of services, we address a wide array of sexual concerns, providing guidance, support, and effective strategies tailored to each individual's unique needs. Our experienced sex therapists are well-equipped to help individuals, couples, and relationships with a wide variety of sexuality related concerns, including the following: 

Presentations We Help With:

Delayed Ejaculation Therapy

Delayed Ejaculation

Lack of Sexual Passion

Lack of Passion

Premature Ejaculation Therapy

Rapid Ejaculation

Therapy for Exploring or Navigating Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation

Couples Discrepant Sexual Desire Therapy

Discrepant Desire

Low Sexual Desire Therapy

Low Sexual Desire

Therapy for Navigating Sex and Physical Disability

Sex and Disability

Painful Intercourse Therapy

Sexual Pain

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

Erectile Difficulties

Therapy for Navigating Non-Monogamy


Sex Therapy
for Couples Raising Children

Sex for Parents

Therapy to Break Free From Sexual Trauma

Sexual Trauma

Erotic Conflict in
Intimate Relationships

Erotic Conflict

Difficulties Achieving Orgasm

Orgasm Struggles

Sex Therapy for
Sexual Avoidance &
Sexual Aversion

Sexual Aversion

Vaginismus Therapy


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