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Dr. Jeff Cook
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Dr. Jeff Cook


Mental Health Counselor

Relationship & Intimacy Specialist

Therapeutic Specialties

Couple or Marriage Therapy


Discernment Counseling


Family Therapy

Sexual Behavior Problems

Impulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Sex Addiction

Porn Addiction

Sex Therapy



Betrayal Trauma


Grief & Loss

Substance Use & Addiction

Shame & Self-Esteem

Trauma & PTSD



Faith Oriented

Dr. Cook has been working in the helping field for 25-years with a focus on physical, social, and emotional well-being – working with individuals, couples, and families. He has worked with hundreds of clients in an effort to help them understand feelings of emptiness and despair, to help them make sense of destructive decisions, and to repair broken relationships. Whether we were hurt in our younger years, in our marriage, or as parents, we all experience heartache; it simply is a part of the common human experience. And, at times we find ourselves stuck, unable to move through or past certain experiences and it is in these phases of life that feelings of emptiness, or the experience of shame, or the quiet desperation to feel alive again, consume us. When these experiences are not understood and cared for, they often lead to poor decisions and ruptured relationships. It is within this context that we find ourselves struggling with depression or heightened anxiety, or escalating into a downward cycle of infidelity, sexual compulsivity, or substance abuse, and at this point, we often find ourselves hiding from ourselves and those we care most about. The experience of suffering alone can be intolerable, especially, if we are unsure as to why we are suffering. Dr. Cook believes that the pain we experience in life arises within the context of relationship - relationship with ourselves, those we love, and the world around us. He believes that healing also comes within the context of relationship. Dr. Cook is a “relational psychotherapist” who works with those who know trauma, broken relationships, and the unbearable experience of shame.    

Dr. Cook works remotely to provide private and secure telehealth sessions, which means you can attend sessions from the comfort of your own home. He is available to support clients who live in either Washington or Colorado.

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Dr. Jeff Cook

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Dr. Jeff Cook

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