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Dr. Rebecca Calhoun-Shepard

Therapeutic Specialties

Couple or Marriage Therapy

Alternative Relationships

Sexual Behavior Problems

Impulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive Sexual Behavior


Sex Therapy

Sexual Shame

Individual Therapy




Shame & Self-Esteem

Trauma & PTSD



Consensual Non-Monogamy

Ethnic or Racial Minority

Kink or BDSM


Multicultural Relationships


Dr. Rebecca Calhoun-Shepard

PsyD, LPsy

Clinical Psychologist

Relationship & Intimacy Specialist

My role as a therapist is to facilitate a safe space for people to explore concerns and work towards unique goals. I help clients transcend difficult situations, relationships, and complex emotions that interfere with well-being.  

A collaborative relationship is at the heart of my practice. It’s of utmost importance that clients feel heard, supported and respected, while simultaneously challenged. Some of my core values as a relational therapist include authenticity, non-judgement, creativity, compassion and flexibility. I uphold that no person or relationship is too much, everyone is worthy of support, and I consider it an honor to work with people in this way.  ​

My initial task in sessions is to identify the purposes of our work together and gather relevant history. I listen for strengths, harbor curiosity, embrace complexity, and move at my clients’ pace. I tend to conceptualize concerns through interpersonal and multicultural lenses. This involves active consideration of how past and current relationships, culture, history, and systems of power and oppression intrinsically link with distress. I also listen for self-limiting beliefs, coping strategies, and how past experiences show up now.

My therapeutic orientation is integrative and tailored to the unique needs and context of individuals or relationships I work with. I’m inspired by therapy approaches not limited to narrative therapy, feminist therapy, relational psychodynamic theory, mindfulness, hermeneutics, and strengths-based therapies. I draw from evidence-based modalities, but ultimately regard clients as experts of their own experience, and strive to evoke their innate wisdom. As appropriate, I collaborate with additional providers and connect clients with educational and community resources. Though specific outcomes for therapy are as diverse as the people I work with, I generally aim to facilitate agency and empowerment, deepen understanding, and enhance relationships and livelihood. 

I work with adolescent and adult individuals and partners (e.g., couples, polycules). Some additional areas of interest include sexual identity, jealousy, singlehood, ADHD, women’s issues, and interpersonal trauma. I’m considered polyam-friendly, Queer-friendly, kink-aware, and trauma informed.

Though I consider myself a generalist, non-monogamy is an area of particular specialty and interest. Therapy with polyamorous folks was the focus of my doctoral dissertation, which emphasized how providers can better support people who love this way. I recognize that how people do relationships is not one-size fits all, and I thoroughly enjoy celebrating and working with diversely designed relationships.

I attended the University of San Francisco and The Evergreen State College as an undergraduate, where I majored in fine art and psychology. I hold a Masters degree and Doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University Seattle, and had the privilege of serving diverse communities across multiple clinical and community training sites. In addition, I completed an internship and postdoctoral residency at Portland State University's student health center. 

Education & Credentials

  • Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

  • Washington Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LPsy) ​ ​

Blog Posts

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