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Felicia Molano

Therapeutic Specialties

Betrayal Trauma

Couple or Marriage Therapy




Intimacy & Sexuality

Sexual Behavior Problems

     Impulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Sex Addiction

Porn Addiction


Sex Therapy


Painful Intercourse

Low Desire/Mismatch Desire

Individual Therapy




Grief & Loss

Shame & Self-Esteem

Sexual Trauma/Abuse

Religious Trauma

Trauma & Complex PTSD



Teens 15+


Ethnic Minorities, Latinx & Tribal Communities

Multicultural Relationships Faith Communities

Felicia Molano


Trauma & Relationship Specialist

Certified Sex Therapist

With twenty years of experience as a trauma therapist in diverse cultural settings, I specialize in fostering a nurturing environment where individuals can explore and heal across various identities, including LGBTQIA+, race, and gender. My primary goal is to ensure that you not only feel heard and secure but also empowered to reconnect and pursue the life and relationships you desire. Through extensive experience, I've honed a client-centered, compassionate approach that allows clients to use their strengths and confront challenges at their own pace.


Creating a secure environment where you can unpack, process, solve, or undergo transformation is a deeply sacred endeavor that I wholeheartedly embrace. I am committed to providing unwavering support, knowing that meaningful change can take time. My aim is to learn your unique story, relationships, and recurring patterns, while providing compassionate support every step of the way. Together, we'll work towards clarifying your goals. I firmly believe that understanding the narratives linked to your challenges and rewriting them in alignment with your best self can bring about profound shifts. Through my experience, I find that many individuals respond positively to a client-centered, humanistic approach, while seamlessly integrating elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and Emotion Focused Therapy to facilitate profound shifts.


Trauma, Betrayal & Complex PTSD

I am dedicated to supporting clients who are grappling with substantial levels of personal, relational, familial, racial, and historical trauma. My expertise in complex trauma and posttraumatic stress (PTSD) extends to those affected by intimate betrayal (betrayal trauma), sexual trauma and abuse, assault, religious trauma, and other devastating experiences.

The aftermath of infidelity can be incredibly difficult. The pain, confusion, and even anger you're feeling are all valid and understandable. Betrayal trauma can leave you feeling shattered and unable to trust others or your own instincts. It can be hard to move forward on your own. Know that you are not alone and there is hope for healing. I can help you manage your intense emotions, prioritize self-care, learn strategies for healing your trauma symptoms and feel empowered to move forward.

Central to my approach is trauma-informed care, creating a secure space to unpack the weight of painful lived or witnessed events. Witnessing the courage to heal inspires me, steering my practice towards personalized care rooted in Humanistic, Somatic, EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies. I carry a deep sensitivity to marginalized communities, recognizing the profound impact that systematic oppression can have on overall well-being and welcome diversity to my practice.

Sex Therapy

With advanced training in sexology, I support individuals and couples with a broad range of sexual struggles including sexual pain, loss of desire, lack of intimacy, arguments around sex, and performance anxiety. I also have a specialty working with individuals who've experienced sexual trauma and abuse to reclaim their sexual wellness. Helping clients deepen their sexual intimacy and connection and improve their communication around sex is one of my passions. I incorporate somatic sex therapy into my approach that explores the intersection of the mind and body during intimate experiences. Using mindfulness and embodied practices, clients can cultivate awareness of their sensations, desires, and boundaries through structured practice. Clients learn techniques to release physical and emotional blocks that inhibit connection and can explore new avenues of pleasure, enhance intimacy, and deepen their relationship. Whether you're navigating sexual challenges, seeking to reignite passion, or simply yearning for a more fulfilling connection, I provide a safe and nurturing space to explore your desires and embrace your authentic self, while rediscovering the joy and vitality that intimacy can bring.

I also support clients in overcoming the effects of a purity culture that has influenced their relationships, sexuality, and faith journeys. It's not uncommon for religious or cultural factors to create obstacles or taboos around intimacy. I am dedicated to supporting you as you strive towards your goals, navigating through barriers at your preferred pace, and always respecting your individual values.

Couples Therapy

I thoroughly enjoy my work with couples, and believe that many hands make for light work. In my approach, I find that our collaboration together eases the journey and allows for great changes in your relationship. My commitment lies in identifying strengths and areas for growth within your relationship. Together, we can steer your relationship towards a positive, hopeful, and empowered trajectory, fostering the safety and connection that may be lacking. I support couples with communication struggles and those yearning for closeness or struggling with sexual concerns. I also help relationships heal after the devastating impact of infidelity and betrayal. I help couples, process ruptures of trust, attune to pain, and create a plan forward that fosters growth and intimacy. As a Certified Gottman Clinician, I employ the Gottman Method (TGM), a comprehensive approach to couples therapy that helps couples learn to replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions, address past hurts, create shared meaning and deepen emotional connection. Additionally, I use elements of Emotional Focused Couples Therapy, as it has proven effective in conjunction with the Gottman Method. Relapse prevention and nurturing your relationship going forward is also a key consideration in our work together.

Compulsive & Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior

I also specialize in helping individuals to overcome problematic or out-of-control sexual behaviors. With a compassionate and nonjudgmental approach, I create a safe space for clients to explore their concerns, manage problematic sexual behaviors, and create room for healthy sexual connection in line with their values and relationship fidelity agreement. Through personalized treatment plans and evidence-based interventions, I tailor my  approach to meet the unique needs of each client. Together, we will address underlying issues such as trauma, shame, or maladaptive beliefs that may contribute to compulsive sexual behavior. I empower clients to regain control over their sexuality and create a fulfilling life. Whether you're struggling with compulsive pornography use, infidelity, or other sexual behaviors, I offer structured guidance and the tools you need to heal and thrive.


Discernment Counseling

I also provide discernment counseling for couples navigating challenging relationship crossroads. Providing a safe and empathetic space, I assist couples in exploring their options and gaining clarity about the future of their relationship. Through discernment counseling, we delve into individual and shared goals, helping couples gain insight into their needs and aspirations. Together, we work towards a more informed decision-making process, fostering understanding and facilitating a path forward, whether that involves reconciliation or an amicable separation.


Grief & Loss

I support and guide clients through grief and the unexpected circumstances of traumatic loss. Grief will always come to the surface and will amplify other reactions and feelings. I will help you understand why it’s perfectly okay to “not be over it." Learning to hold unconditional positive regard for yourself can provide transformative change in your grief process. I will be there to remind you that this is your unique grief journey and there is no perfect timeline. We can discuss supportive grief rituals to ease your pain and how to go through your grief in a natural and healthy way that honors your pain.


About Felicia

Throughout my clinical career, I've engaged in diverse roles encompassing grant management, program development, clinical management, supervision, and the provision of individual and group therapy. These experiences have spanned various settings, including schools, juvenile correctional facilities, and in-home service delivery. In response to the demands of this work, I pursued additional training in Motivational Interviewing and Moral Recognition Therapy, focusing on substance use and addiction dynamics.

Originally from Yakima, I attended Central Washington University for my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, where I was a McNair Scholar recipient. I went on to complete my Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology at CWU with a focus on gender difference in sociocultural attitudes towards appearance. I dedicated my post graduate work to serving tribal members using a whole person (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual) tribal centric approach to care. I come from a large Mexican family and I am raising a daughter with my husband. I invest in an active lifestyle with 5:30am workouts, reading, drawing, and intentional time with friends. I have been known to be a thrill seeker and not a stranger to skydiving and ziplining if invited. 


Education & Credentials

  • Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology (MS)

  • Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

  • Washington State Approved Mental Health Counselor Supervisor

  • Arizona State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

  • National Board Certified Counselor (NBCC)

  • Certified Gottman Method Therapist (TGM)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Level II (EMDR)

  • AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST)

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