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Dr. Priyal Ranasinghe

Therapeutic Specialties

Betrayal Trauma

Couple or Marriage Therapy


Couples Conflict

Couples Sex Therapy

Discernment Counseling

Healing from Sexual Betrayals

Sexual Behavior Problems

Impulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive Sexual Behavior


"Sex Addiction"

"Porn Addiction"

Sex Therapy

Erotic Conflict


Low Sexual Desire

Performance Difficulties

Rapid Ejaculation

Sexual Shame

Sexual Trauma

Individual Therapy



Chronic Pain


Grief & Loss

Shame & Self-Esteem

Personality Disorders


Trauma & PTSD




Chronic Health Concerns


Ethnic or Racial Minority


Multicultural Relationships


Dr. Priyal Ranasinghe


Postdoctoral Fellow
Relationship Specialist

Dr. Priyal Ranasinghe is a dedicated and compassionate clinician with a strong focus on trauma and multicultural care. With a deep passion for understanding the complexities of human relationships and the impact of trauma on individuals and couples, Priyal has dedicated his career to helping clients heal and thrive in their intimate connections. With his mental health experience in the US Army and then gaining his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in the PNW, Priyal has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. He has undergone extensive training and has gained valuable experience working in various clinical settings, including hospitals, community care sites, and private practices.


In his work with couples, Priyal understands that relationships can both be a source of support in healing from trauma, and a realm deeply impacted by individual trauma. His approach to therapy is rooted in empathy, cultural sensitivity, and respect for each person's unique journey. He recognizes the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space where clients can openly express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. The person that we are has an impact on those around us, and those people often want to know how to best support us. Couples therapy is one of the best approaches to making sure we get the support we need while showing our commitment to the relationship.

Priyal has worked with many couples who want to better understand and support one another through past trauma, extramarital affairs, sexual concerns etc. In session he helps couples explore how past experiences shape one's worldview and the intersectional implications for the current relationship. We explore these because in strong relationships, it’s the couple versus an issue rather than one person versus another. Whatever brings a couple into therapy, they often leave with insight and skills that can serve them for the rest of their life. Priyal firmly believes in the power of a collaborative therapeutic relationship and works closely with his clients to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Priyal has a passion for and expertise working with neurodivergent individuals. We all experience the world differently and this is especially true for any marginalized identities we carry. Neurodivergence can present a unique set of difficulties that can make a person feel alone and unsupported. Priyal's work with neurodivergent clients focuses on a client-centered and strengths-based approach to therapy. He recognizes that every individual's neurodivergent journey is unique, and tailors his therapeutic interventions to meet the specific needs, goals, and preferences of each client. Sometimes it’s about understanding the self better, advocacy for accommodations, or it can be about communicating needs to those important to us.  Priyal places a strong emphasis on fostering a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic environment where clients can explore their challenges and celebrate their diversity

In therapy, Priyal utilizes evidence-based interventions and therapeutic modalities, drawing from a wide range of approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), cognitive-processing (CPT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and psychodynamic psychotherapy. He has been trained under multiple supervisors with a broad range of specializations so that he may be exposed to the newest evidence-based therapies to help his patients. He remains committed to staying updated with the latest advancements in the field to ensure his clients receive the highest quality of care. Beyond his clinical work, Priyal is passionate about promoting mental health awareness and advocating for equitable access to mental health services. Priyal is also engaged in ongoing research to contribute to the growing body of knowledge in trauma and multicultural care.

With his unwavering dedication, empathy, and expertise, Priyal strives to empower individuals and couples on their healing journey, helping them overcome trauma, develop resilience, and lead fulfilling lives. his commitment to cultural competence ensures that clients from diverse backgrounds feel understood, validated, and supported throughout the therapeutic process.


Education & Credentials 

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

Master of Arts in Psychology (M.A.)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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