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Dr. Michelle Taylor

Therapeutic Specialties

Betrayal Trauma

Couple or Marriage Therapy

Sexual Behavior Problems

Impulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive Sexual Behavior


Sex Addiction

Porn Addiction

Sex Therapy

Painful Sex


Individual Therapy



Chronic Pain


Shame & Self-Esteem

Substance Use & Addiction

Trauma & PTSD



Chronic Health Concerns


Ethnic or Racial Minority

Faith Oriented

Kink or BDSM


Multicultural Relationships


Dr. Michelle Taylor


Mental Health Counselor Associate

Trauma & Relationship Specialist

Dr. Taylor is recognized for her expertise working with individuals and couples affected by addiction, compulsive sexual behaviors, and chronic pain or illness impacting sexuality. She understands the impact that these issues can have personally, interpersonally, and professionally. She knows that taking the first step toward getting better can be such a huge challenge, and she hopes to be a part of your journey to greater well-being.

In order to get a more complete picture of your presenting concerns, Dr. Taylor uses the bio-psycho-social model as her framework. She takes a strengths-based approach, and pulls from more structured interventions within CBT, SFT, ACT, and narrative therapy. Dr. Taylor values the therapeutic relationship, and works hard to make sure her clients are getting the appropriate care and treatment they deserve.

Dr. Taylor is seasoned in working with individuals and couples where chronic pain or illness is the dominant issue; further, how chronic pain can impact sexuality. Chronic pain can stem from several places: an old injury, an autoimmune disorder, cancer, and trauma (to name a few). Chronic pain can make a person feel like they have lost part of their identity. Trying to manage the physical pain is only one part of the problem: managing the mental health issues that arise or have already been there is the other. Further complicating things is when the affected individual is in a relationship or has a family. Not only does the chronic pain affect you, but also those around you. For couples, this issue can lead to less sex and intimacy, increased fighting, and a sense of helplessness on both ends.  

Some other issues specific to couples that Dr. Taylor works with include: chemical addiction, compulsive sexual behaviors, infidelity, and betrayal trauma. After the addiction or affair(s) gets more serious or is discovered for the first time, stress and tension runs high. Figuring out the next steps to take can feel incredibly overwhelming and confusing for both parties. Depending upon the nature of the issue, Dr. Taylor will utilize interventions from The Gottman Method, sex therapy, or other evidenced based models for couple’s treatment.  

Dr. Taylor enjoys working with individuals and couples. Her areas of expertise and interest include chemical addiction, compulsive sexual behaviors, chronic pain and illness, eating disorders, depression, inter-abled couples, low sexual desire, pain that interferes with intimacy, trauma, performance anxiety, and genital/vaginal pain disorders. ​

Education & Credentials

  • Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

  • Washington Licensed Mental Health Clinician Associate (LMHCA)

  • Washington Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP)

  • Gottman Level II Certified ​

Blog Posts

Chronic Pain: Taking Back Control ​ ​

Pelvic Pain: Reducing Its’ Impact on Your Life

If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Taylor please reach out today! 

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