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Low Cost Therapy
Bellevue, WA

At PBH, we understand that mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being.  We believe in providing low-cost mental health therapy options to make support more accessible to all.  Our low-cost therapy is a product of our clinical internship program that trains advanced doctoral students who are able to provide services at a lower cost.  PBH offers a low-cost therapy choice for those who are in need of therapy but have challenges being able to afford full cost treatment.  

Our interns, who are completing their doctoral degree in clinical psychology, are closely supervised by senior members of our team who are advanced subject matter experts.  Moreover, they are highly engaged in cutting-edge research that is advancing the field of mental health.  The combination of fresh perspectives, cutting-edge knowledge, affordability, and the support of seasoned professionals makes this approach a valuable and effective choice for those seeking high-quality mental health care.

When our doctoral interns graduate their program, we will help you find either a new doctoral intern to work with or will make other cost-effective referrals.


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