The discovery of an affair is one of the most painful problems a couple can face.  You may want to make your relationship work but feel too upset, confused, or ashamed to move forward. 

Finding the right therapist, one who has the experience and skills to help you navigate the pain of betrayal, is essential to rebuilding your relationship.

I have been hurt by my partner's affair

Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful is devastating.  You may feel shocked, angry, distraught, and unsure of what to do next.   You may decide to stay with your partner and work through repairing and rebuilding your relationship or you may chose to leave and focus solely on your own path towards healing. Either decision you make, processing your thoughts and emotions can be incredibly beneficial.  It can help ensure that you truly heal from the betrayal and not carry the emotional pain into your next relationship. 

I have harmed my relationship by having an affair

Hiding an affair and living a double life can cause significant distress and leave you estranged from your loved ones and your life.  If your partner is unaware of your affair, you may prefer to come in for individual therapy to help you better understand your reasons for having the affair and discuss how to best proceed.  If your affair has been disclosed to your partner or recently discovered, you may chose to come in for couples therapy to discuss the impact on the relationship and what to do next.

How Can We Possibly Heal Our Relationship?

When a relational bond has been damaged by infidelity, trust must be rebuilt.  Trust can be repaired through openness, honesty, consistency, and empathy for the hurt partner. 

Couples will learn to build emotional closeness, restore trust, effectively communicate, and increase their own and each others satisfaction in the relationship.  The skills couples learn will help them with potential conflicts in the future so they can feel confident and prepared to address issues as they arise. 

The benefits gained during treatment are immense and often last throughout the couple’s relationship.  Please give us a call to learn more about how we can help.