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Betrayal Trauma Therapist

Betrayal Trauma Therapy
Bellevue, WA
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Betrayal Trauma and Infidelity Treatment

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Discovering that your significant other had a secret sexual life is often one of the most devastating betrayals a person can face. If this has happened to you, know that you are not alone and deserve support.  You may feel like your entire world has been destroyed overnight, this is a very overwhelming experience.  At PBH, we understand the depths of this pain and have innovative and effective ways to help hurting partners regain emotional safety, experience stability in their relationship, repair broken trust, and reclaim their lives through empowered choices.


After intimate betrayal, everything you believed about your relationship may now seem like a lie.  You may wonder who this person is?  Or why they would do this to you?  You are probably questioning everything. You realize that your significant other is not safe and has abused your trust.  You may feel violated and taken advantage of.  You may fear that others will not understand what you are going through or offer unsolicited advice to leave the relationship making you feel even more alone. You may begin to isolate yourself because it's just easier.


This is not the relationship you signed up for. Now you are left to pick up the pieces of your life and it's not fair.


We understand the pain and profound sense of loss that you are experiencing.  The betrayal from your partner's sexual or emotional infidelities is traumatic.  You may now feel "less than," avoid intimacy, question your intuition, and be flooded with intense feelings of anger and grief.  One of the most noticeable and distressing symptoms is extreme vigilance or being overly watchful and anxious, and possibly engaging in compulsive checking behaviors to make sure you don’t get blindsided again. Although an understandable response, this fear cycle can be challenging to stop on your own, and will leave you feeling exhausted. To ease the emotional suffering, you need to start by healing the areas of your life that have been broken. 


The traumatic impact of infidelity may leave you unsure of what to do next.  In order to move forward, it's essential for your pain to be heard, understood, and validated.  Having your questions answered and having transparency will help create emotional safety for you to heal.  The hurt partner often craves information to help them understand why this happened and how they were deceived, this is a completely natural response following betrayal, and knowing the truth can be essential to one’s healing.


At PBH, we have trauma-informed therapists who have received advanced training in trauma treatment and specialize in helping individuals heal after intimate betrayal.  We will guide you through a therapeutic process to help you learn the truth so you can make sense of what happened and receive an answer to the most pressing question of “why” the infidelity occurred. Your trauma symptoms (hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, intense waves of emotion) are a natural response to intimate betrayal and can subside with trauma-specific interventions. We will provide you with the best tools available that are empirically supported to help your recovery.


We understand your pain and want to help you heal. We are ready to support you, Reach out today to get started.


Betrayal Trauma Group Therapy

Are you needing support with other partners who have experienced intimate betrayal? It's crucial to know that you are not alone in your experience and that there are others who are going through the same therapeutic process. Group therapy can offer a safe space for you to share, process your feelings, and learn strategies for coping alongside other partners who deeply understand. This can be an invaluable experience and a very supportive addition to individual therapy. We are not meant to heal this type of pain alone. You deserve support from other partners who understand what you are going through. We offer a 12-session process group to heal from betrayal trauma. Our groups provide effective strategies and tools to help calm the mind and body and foster deeper trauma healing. You will learn to nurture yourself again and reclaim the version of you that was lost.

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What Can I Expect from a Betrayal Trauma Therapy Group?

  • Comfort knowing that you are not alone

  • Community and bonding with other partners so you can learn and grow together 

  • Support inside and outside of group sessions

  • Learn about betrayal trauma and critical topics for healing

  • Alleviate trauma symptoms, heal triggers, create boundaries, stop self-blame, honor your emotions, and more!

  • Practice mind-body connection exercises for healing trauma

  • Develop the skills necessary for processing the pain and grief

  • Learn what you need to take care of yourself

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