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Billing Policies and Insurance


Pacific Behavioral Healthcare (“PBH”) is not contracted with any insurance companies, which means we are considered “out of network” and are not “in network providers.” PBH will not bill your insurance company for any outstanding balance. You will be responsible for payment in full for fees charged for services rendered to you at the time of service. Payment in full for all charges on a client’s account is required at the beginning of each session. PBH reserves the right to reschedule or cancel future appointments if an account balance remains unpaid.

As a courtesy, the PBH front office will be happy to provide a Superbill, an extended statement containing information required by insurance companies for reimbursement, for you so that you may request reimbursement from your insurance company directly for the sessions that you have attended at PBH.  PBH does not guarantee that you will receive any payments from your insurance company as reimbursement for services provided by PBH. You should contact your insurance company prior to obtaining services at PBH to determine what, if any, coverage will be provided.

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