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Emily Parks

Therapeutic Specialties

Couple or Marriage Therapy


Couples Sex Therapy

Discernment Counseling

Family Therapy


Reunification Therapy

Sexual Behavior Problems

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Impulsive Sexual Behavior


Sex Addiction

Porn Addiction

Sex Therapy

Changes in Sexual/Relational Dynamics

Painful Intercourse

Individual Therapy



Betrayal Trauma

Chronic Pain


Grief & Loss

Personality Disorders

Shame & Self-Esteem

Substance Use & Addiction

Trauma & PTSD




Alternative Relationship Structures (CNM)

Ethnic or Racial Minority

Faith Oriented

Kink or BDSM


Multicultural Relationships

Emily Parks


Marriage & Family Therapist Associate
Sex Therapist

Emily specializes in relationships and intimacy using sex therapy lens while working with couples and other relationship structures. Emily has been trained to be culturally, relationally, spiritually cognizant when working with clients and loves to bring a collaborative approach to therapy.  Life can be uncomfortable at times and filled with varying types of hardships and experiences. This means guidance and aid is not only needed during certain chapters but can be necessary.  With this is mind Emily helps create an environment that is judgement free and fueled with curiosity. Emily believes that self-compassion, identity building, communication skills are foundational to creating meaningful connections individually and interpersonally. She believes she can support clients by helping them build on the connections they have to themselves, and others who are important to their interpersonal world.  

Emily enjoys working with individuals, couples and families who are looking to be curious about their own way of making meaning in their life. Emily would like to support clients who are finding distress with difficult life transitions, adverse childhood experiences, trauma, infidelity/betrayal, depression, anxiety, parenthood, relationship satisfaction, intimacy, and desire, and/or other sexual dysfunctions/concerns. Discerning and difficult life events can create duress and non-engagement with those closest to you. This can leave people feeling isolated or alone in perhaps some of the hardest chapters of their lives.  Emily believes restoring relationships and establishing a sense of community is one of the cornerstones in the healing process for clients.


About Me

Emily attended the University of Washington for her undergraduate degree, she completed a degree in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. She then went on to complete a Master of Arts at Seattle University in Marriage and Family Therapy. Both experiences tailored her therapeutic lens to look at world in a systematic way. Emily has future goals of obtaining her doctorate and becoming a certified sex therapist.

On her off days Emily enjoys spending time with her son outside while hiking, skiing and backpacking. She enjoys creative writing on the side, and spending time with friends and family.


Master of Arts (MA) in Marriage and Family Therapy

Bachelors in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

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