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Jamie Hauglid

Therapeutic Specialties

Betrayal Trauma

Couple or Marriage Therapy


Sexuality Struggles

Family Therapy

Sex Therapy

Low Desire

Sexual Trauma

Sexual Pain

Sexual Function Challenges

Individual Therapy





Grief & Loss

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Religious Trauma

Shame & Self-Esteem

Trauma & PTSD



Consensual Non-Monogamy


Ethnic or Racial Minority

Faith Oriented

Kink or BDSM


Multicultural Relationships



Jamie Hauglid


Trauma & Relationship Specialist

Sex Therapist

Jamie is passionate about relationships and loves doing attachment work and relational work with individuals, couples, and families. As a relational therapist, Jamie helps her clients explore and identify relationship patterns and dynamics that may be interfering with personal well-being and the health of the relationship. She understands that relationships are complex and challenges within relationships can feel overwhelming and painful. Jamie is committed to helping each individual, couple, and family she works with learn strategies to resolve conflict, communicate more effectively, and establish and strengthen emotional intimacy. Jamie believes that true healing and change comes from self-acceptance and building authentic, meaningful connections with self and others. ​

Jamie is passionate about helping individuals navigate the painful healing process after intimate betrayal. She understands how devastating betrayal can be, and how it leaves you feeling completely disoriented. You may find it hard to stop worrying as your mind works overtime to try and make sense of what happened. All of a sudden your core beliefs about yourself and your relationship are in question and you feel like a shell of who you once were. Additional trauma symptoms can emerge and cause you to feel stuck in a constant state of vigilance, draining all your energy. You deserve honesty and compassion to heal and rebuild your life. She can guide you individually or as a couple towards growth using empirically based techniques for healing trauma and rebuilding trust and connection.

Jamie has a specialty for working with clients who are struggling with issues related to sex and sexuality, as well as general relationship concerns. She is engaged in ongoing training in sex therapy and she utilizes a sex-positive approach in her work. Jamie has experience in treating individuals and couples who are experiencing significant sexual shame that is impeding their ability to enjoy fulfilling sexual experiences. She also has experience treating low sexual desire, and sexual challenges related to past trauma. Jamie is particularly interested in the intersection between religion and sexuality; although faith and religion can be a source of comfort and inspiration for many, it can also cultivate feelings of sexual shame. Jamie has experience helping both former and current members of more conservative religions learn how to embrace their sexual desires and experiences without shame and embarrassment.  

Other areas of interest for Jamie include working with singles who are navigating the challenges of dating and sexual choices. Jamie also enjoys working with women who are learning how to have a voice in their relationships and who are interested in learning how to set healthy boundaries and be more assertive. Jamie is also interested in the connection between body image and sexual wellbeing and she uses a body-positive approach to help clients shed body-shaming beliefs and traumas that are interfering with sexual satisfaction. ​

Working with Jamie

Jamie considers the therapeutic space to be sacred, and she uses a warm, empathetic approach to ensure clients feel seen, heard, and understood. It is of upmost importance to Jamie that her clients feel accepted in the therapeutic space, as this fosters room for exploration that can lead to lasting growth and change. Jamie believes in a collaborative approach that respects the autonomy of her clients; she helps them identify their therapeutic goals and, together, they discover ways those goals can be achieved. She also believes that a life without laughter is a tragic life and she uses her sense of humor to connect with others. ​

To help the individuals, couples, and families she works with, Jamie draws upon techniques from various therapeutic approaches, including attachment theory, Emotion-focused Therapy, narrative therapy, systems theory, and sex therapy. She believes it is essential to be mindful of oppressive systems and the trauma they can cause. In addition to being trauma-informed, she practices culturally-sensitive therapy and often utilizes techniques from a feminist approach in her work. ​

Credentials & Experience

Following a career shift from marketing and communication counseling, Jamie received her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Antioch University in Seattle, WA in June of 2020. While working for a nonprofit in Seattle, Jamie had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of kids, teens, couples and families from various backgrounds and walks of life. She spent a lot of time working with more marginalized populations, including the LGBTQ+ community. She became an advocate and ally for the underserved. ​

Following her time at the nonprofit, Jamie worked in a long-term residential treatment program for teens, where she helped teens and their families with various issues, including mood disorders, self-harm and suicidal ideation, trauma, fractured family relationships, as well as struggles related to identity and finding purpose and meaning. ​

Jamie left the residential treatment program to focus on her passion for treating relationship challenges. She began couples counseling at a specialized clinic discovered the joy she finds in helping couples work through pain and challenges to build the emotionally- and physically-intimate relationship they desire. ​

Education & Credentials

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA)

If you would like to set up an appointment with Jamie please reach out today!

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