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Dr. Victoria Schroder

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Dr. Victoria Schroder


Mental Health Counselor

Sex Therapist

Dr. Schroder specializes in the treatment of sexual concerns, intimate betrayal trauma, and out-of-control sexual behaviors (OCSB). She has extensive training in the intersecting topics of human sexuality, relationships, trauma, addiction, and compulsive/out-of-control sexual behaviors and utilizes this to inform an individualized course of treatment. Dr. Schroder is committed to cultivating an understanding and compassionate therapeutic environment where individuals can ask questions, gain greater self-awareness, and develop skills to build a full life congruent with their values.  ​

Sex Therapy

Dr. Schroder is a SHA Certified Sex Therapist who treats individuals and couples struggling with difficulties related to healthy sexuality and intimacy. Areas of struggle may include pain during sex, infertility, inability to experience orgasm, sexual trauma, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, self-esteem, and shame. Additional concerns may be related to experiencing a discrepancy in desire or interests from a sexual partner. It is also incredibly common for individuals to pursue therapy without knowing the cause of distress in their sex lives. They just know they are unhappy and want change. Regardless of what brings you to therapy, Dr. Schroder firmly believes that anyone can benefit from examining their relationship with sex, especially given the prevalence of unhealthy myths about sexual behavior that can perpetuate a fundamentally sex-negative outlook. She takes a holistic approach to sex therapy by integrating both a psychological and physiological understanding of healthy sexuality. She will take the time to get to know you as an individual and support you through the process of discovering what your version of a rewarding sex life can look like.  ​

Betrayal Trauma

Infidelity is an incredibly painful rupture in any relationship that often leaves the betrayed partner feeling alone, unloved, and unworthy. If you are suffering from intimate partner betrayal, you may even be experiencing posttraumatic stress symptoms in the aftermath of the discovery. Dr. Schroder uses a trauma-informed approach to address these overwhelming symptoms and create space for authentic individual and relational healing.   

Given the current empirically supported research on the psychological impact of intimate partner betrayal, Dr. Schroder believes that it is essential to utilize effective and innovative approaches for treating trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology. An area of concern that is often overlooked in traditional approaches to treating intimate partner betrayal trauma is the profound impact on sexuality. Many individuals describe experiencing traumatic symptoms stemming from the sexual betrayal, including distressing thoughts of sexual activities that may have taken place, intrusive and vivid images of the sexual acts, flashbacks of the betrayal during emotionally intimate moments or sexual experiences, negative perceptions of their own bodies, fears around sexual acts that used to feel special and enjoyable, feelings of disgust for their significant other, and an aversion to touch due to the overwhelming trauma symptoms that come flooding back. Without directly addressing these in addition to other traumatic reactions, the hurt partner can find themselves caught in a cycle of distress that can lead to feelings of detachment from their sense of worth and value.   

The Posttraumatic Growth Model for Intimate Betrayal (PTG-IB; Olsen & Schroder, 2020) is an innovative treatment approach based on an empirically supported trauma treatment for posttraumatic stress symptoms. The PTG-IB model offers compassionate support and guidance through the initial crisis phase, while focusing on healing the symptoms of trauma and tending to the devastating impact on one’s sexuality. This trauma-informed treatment can help clients heal from the repercussions of intimate betrayal, including the devastating beliefs they carry from the traumatic discovery, the wounds to their esteem, the re-experiencing trauma symptoms they are plagued with, and the impact on their emotional and sexual intimacy. These areas are addressed while providing compassionate support, helping the client cultivate empowerment, voice their needs, and reclaim their life. ​

Compulsive/Out of Control Sexual Behaviors

Dr. Schroder has worked with men and women whose lives have been derailed as a result of compulsive pornography viewing, sex buying, infidelity, and obsessive thoughts of sex, to name a few. These same individuals commonly struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, attention deficit difficulties, or other addictions in addition to their problematic sexual behaviors. Given the complexity of this clinical presentation, she thoroughly assesses for the function of the compulsive behaviors and the underlying drivers. She conceptualizes out-of-control sexual behaviors as external behaviors that are used to cope with, mask, or avoid internal psychological and emotional pain. Individuals often find that giving into sexual behaviors and preoccupations effectively numb this pain in the short term, only to create deeper issues fueled by feelings of shame, regret, and hopelessness in the aftermath. If you are struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors, we will work collaboratively to heal past wounds, develop workable strategies to eradicate unwanted behaviors, and identify a path towards a meaningful life that includes interpersonal intimacy and a healthy relationship with sexuality. ​

Education & Credentials

  • Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

  • Gottman Couples Therapy: Levels I & II

  • Sexual Health Alliance - Certified Sex Therapist​

Example Speaking Engagements & Trainings

Why Talking About Sex is Essential for Partner Healing: A Posttraumatic Growth Model Following Intimate Betrayal (PTG-IB; Olsen & Schroder, 2020), Presentation at the Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health. ​

Blog Posts

The Critical First Step in Healing from Intimate Betrayal Trauma

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